A Twist in Taste!

So far, all my pieces have been creative. Today, I came across an amazing food counter here, in Bhubaneswar. Meanwhile, I was totally alien and unaware of its huge popularity in the entire globe!

This amazing American food chain, mostly known for its rolls, coffee and dozen desserts, is ‘Cinnabon’!

Well, to the readers it might be astonishing and surprising, both at the same time, to learn the fact on how I was among “that population” who barely knew the craziness this world has for Cinnabon. But I’ve a belief, ‘everything has a first time’, and so, this is mine 😉

I, not being much into food, felt like experimenting on something unique, and went up to the counter. To my fortune, I was welcomed by the manager himself! My good luck I suppose;) I managed to have a quick chit-chat with this gentleman, Mr. Deepayan. He’d been very cooperative to a person like me who was least aware of all of the “Cinnabon Cravings” worldwide!

I started with a fundamental query, ‘What is the concept behind Cinnabon? Is it something which has an essence of cinnamon in all of its food products?’ Mr. Manager broke into a quick smile and explained, ‘Cinnabon is basically the dough with its secretive ingredients, which stands the base, and is further topped with other attractive ingredients.’ I being a stranger to this entirely new concept, asked him to suggest me some of its best delicacies, so that I can experiment and take along happy taste buds back home!

Mr. Deepayan suggested to taste a ‘Caramel Pecabon’ which looked like a tiny cupcake structure, made of Cinnabon dough, with brown sugar makara, caramel and topped with pecan nuts. Well, the taste was amazing! I can truly admit, I had happy and sweet taste buds while I returned!

Going further into the details, I had an amazing piece of conversation with this gentleman, and gained knowledge on how this franchise worked and came to open its first outlet in Bhubaneswar. The company named, ‘Stella and Mukund’ collaborated Cinnabon, Auntie and Anne’s, and Chilies, and have been operating in the North and East zones of the country.

On learning the fact that I was a blogger, and how impressed I was with Cinnabon; and that I was planning to hit on my first ever food post, I was given a complimentary muffin!

The muffin was soft, and fluffy with a rich icing, topped with coloured sugar pieces. This was deliciously sweetening!

My fortune was all with me this day 😀

I barely gave my interest into foods, but Cinnabon tickled my brains to start giving attention to delicacies too! And I’m happy I did 🙂

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What’s the link between opportunities and exposures? Do they compliment one another? What if one doesn’t give you a stand, could you grasp the golden chances?

#exposures #opportunities #chances


Who hasn’t tasted them? An infant to the older, a noun so familiar with all generations. Wondered the magic in them?

#tears #sad #happy #pleasure #glee #magic #power


Has the mind ever taken you back to the past? No, not the sad ones, but the happier moments, and suddenly you feel nostalgic on how those lovely minutes just passed by, so quickly!

Wake up in the morning

A new day?

New possibilities

Ever desired to get back

To moments?

To the past?

And suddenly feel devoid

Of the charm, pleasure and aura

Of the minutes passed.

Beginning of the new day

Seems empty

The heart sinks

Wishes to get back

To cherish the lovely moments

Once again

Waiting seems painful

Would wait result sweetness?

Or would the wait remain unanswered


The day becomes gloomy, dull, dark, void

Searching for more such cherished memories

To create new ones.

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Why is it necessary to be content, and why isn’t it any gain when greedy? Desires or satisfaction, comfort or luxury; and why? Picked up an example, and justifying it why.

#content #satisfied #desires #comfort #luxury #greed #satisfaction #dissatisfied

Glee or sorrow?

Which one weighs more in your priority list? And why? Is it any harm if we weigh all of our happiness?

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