Week 9: Movie 8 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Let us go back in time and revisit some amazing stories from the 2000s. This time I have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind from 2004. Starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, I am sure you might have heard about this movie at least once in your lifetime so far. I did too, and was planning since quite long to watch it. 

Be prepared to get stuck in a maze throughout the motions shown in the movie. It has sci-fi content mingled beautifully with romance. But this does not end here. I have some more to talk about. 

The moment you finally finish the movie, you will fill your heart with emotions: some good, some bad, some overwhelmed moments, bittersweetness, and of course, confusion. You will sense an urge to watch it more, thinking about what would have happened next. I think this is what keeps the audience fixed to the screen while the movie runs. 

It vividly captures how it feels to think, inside our brains, from a scientific perspective. You will be amazed at how the direction played with your mind at first, and somehow all of it made sense when the movie concluded. It was all a game of perspectives, the ones we might have never thought about! 

The angle of life shown in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ weighs emotions at a standpoint that is not ordinary at all. The start will keep you muddled as though you’re in a puzzle, struggling to find your way out. 

The amusement of approach, viewpoints and perspectives will keep you tied, thinking about how extraordinarily artists can bring their views to life and motion!

While you keep yourself roped to the movie, I shall make sure this space meets you next week, with some crazy angles and a crisper Netflix feel-good content.

Week 8: Movie 7 – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

There could not have been a better ‘feel-good‘ movie/content to talk about than this one for this week’s blog post! Precisely all Indians must have taken utmost pleasure watching it, including me. And this week I will not talk about why you should watch this movie, rather this piece will reflect me as a traveler, a writer and, to a certain extent, a musician too. 

To the non-Indian readers, let me throw light upon this movie. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You live life once) is a Bollywood movie, starring actors Hritik Roshan, Abhay Deol, and Farhan Akhtar, directed by Zoya Akhtar. The genre is accurately feel-good, comedy, adventure, drama, romance (an amazing mix of all emotions you would desire to watch on weekends). Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) hit Indian theatres on 2011, and marked its 10th year Anniversary this week. You can relish its drama over Netflix!

When the film was released, I was a school kid, so planning a trip was, of course, out of context but the desire was for real. And now that I am writing on it after watching the movie freshly (yet again) amidst the pandemic, you know the urge all of us would be having to actually travel. It is a great break to watch the scenic beauties of Spain over big screen, but there is so much more to unravel, observe and learn from ZNMD. Let me drive you through my visions about the movie.

Traveling resembles vivid values to every individual, and if you might want to know mine, I would say it is a pathway to worlds to write upon! With unfamiliar objects giving pleasure to the eyes and the soul, there is indefinite scope to observe and explore ways to discover life outside of our shells. People, cultures, life habits, cuisine, and everything that’s new! I could write a thousand-word essay on traveling, but lets move on to the other spice.

Music. Composed by trio Shankar-Ehasan-Loy, you will not find anything that does not fit the movie! The music just could not be better. The moods are captured so amazingly and the cinematography adds to the charm! The tunes ring bells and make me realize my affinity to music I had been hiding for years now. The music expresses my glee at those moments whilst I watched ZNMD at faultless frequencies and ultimate resonance! It just will strike chords of the heart and there will be nothing more wholesome to be felt than that moment.

Words. Farhan’s character is a writer and his words will add further delight to this story’s vision. Viewing the movie from a visual perspective and giving voice to its insight can be felt dreamy and heavenly. This blend is filled with mellowness. It is fascinating and surprisingly adorable to watch an amalgam of creativity that we artists have aspired to vocalize to the world. 

Romance. If there was anything this motion picture would miss, would have been love. And expectedly it did add on to the flavour! The mild cozy breeze of love in between adventures will make strands of your hair flutter to imagination! It feels as though I am in it, in the moment, in it, right there. 

You, as audience, would have much more experiences to share about ZNMD. I would love to discover your reasons of fondness to the movie. I am all ears to flooded comments on your observations!

This space will meet you next week with another movie/series filled with warmth to make you feel-good through my perspectives and vision from the Netflix platform. 

Week 7: Movie 6 – Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story

J.K. Rowling would already have tickled you. And why would not she? She has created a different fan base, a worldwide fantasy getaway for all the Potter-Heads. An other-wordly land we have been imagining for days and nights long, waiting for that one instance when someone might just appear claiming that there does exist a place called Hogwarts! But today I am not here to tell you about the craziness, the fondness the world has for Harry Potter. We are here to talk about the genius who developed it.

You might already have done your homework on J.K. Rowling. But we have a motion picture highlighting her lows over the years, and her journey to bring Harry Potter come to life. She always wanted to become a writer, she had a fondness, like most of us, a dream

The movie begins with her success, the sparkling flashes and glitters of triumph, with reminiscences of the past. It’s this nostalgia that gains momentum and gears to showcase a life: the life of J.K. Rowling. 

You will get to see a close glimpse of how Rowling’s mind drew fantasies, how she derived stories, instances and fascinating characters getting inspired from general day-to-day routines. You will see her scribbling fictional sketches every now and then: when she is idle, when she is amidst an important lecture. But the one determination that held her – never to quit, is what built Rowling. 

Wizardly tunes running in the background will trigger chills within you! The timing of any mystic idea in Rowling’s mind would come along with that signature wizardly flavour. This positive effect will give you a surety that Rowling is closer to her destination, though the journey might take some time. The crew made sure we got a taste of unimaginative magic even while it was under construction

Of the magic we experienced whilst we read and saw Harry Potter, is something I feel, kept Rowling never to give up. It is the magical power and strength of determination, of a resolute choice to never let go one’s passion, reciprocating in corresponding proportions to construct a mystical land so many of us have set our hearts on. 

Precisely, it’s an inspiring sequence of events taking instances from Rowling’s real life incidents. Such movies give us hope that passions can be brought to life. Failures, obstacles are inevitable and it is amazing how these testing phases improve us, not just as a human, but also as an artist. Tough times seem choking, yet we survive and looking back gives us nothing better than ultimate satisfaction and a sense of triumph. 

Flood in the comment section if you are a Potter-Head and if you’re willing to give this motion picture a shot if you haven’t yet. Trust me, you will relive nostalgia of childhood days!

This space will meet you next week with yet another ‘Feel-Good’ content from Netflix, a crisp perspective and a new recommendation for you to watch it with a smile!

Week 6: Movie 5 – Miss Americana

I have always been a music lover, fallen in love with words almost every day and consistently found minutes to think. Surprisingly I found my emotions resonating with this artist nearly a decade ago. She is the one that introduced me to global pop music, she is the one that introduced me to global country music. She’s Taylor Swift, the one that has a complete world of music within her. 

I am so grateful to Netflix for having found a way to distribute Taylor’s documentary, highlighting vital turning points in her life, and her career. It is a challenge to express my emotions of praise that have been piled up all these years. It is more of a rush of words in no sequence, making no sense on papers, yet so accurate only to myself. 

In Miss Americana, you will find Taylor’s narration throughout, her raw emotions, her crazy happiness, some tears, and of course her words. You will unravel the pressure paparazzi and media pushes on celebrities, the way journalism is more about selling (whatever) news than reporting news. Of all the rumours you might have heard, this documentary will show you the other side of the coin, and of course it is upto you to make a decision. 

Of what Taylor’s always been, a singer, you will discover what it takes to create music, to fit in the right words; words are Taylor’s best friends. You will see how she has won over with just her words, part of a reason why she’s an amazing songwriter, part of why I resonate with her. If you haven’t really observed the lyrics in her songs, make a decision to watch her documentary, she will let you know why it was important for her to create music so different from monotonous ideas of love, happiness and sadness. 

She has utilized her power as an artist to learn, to stand for herself and others, to create awareness on crucial and sensitive areas of politics, sexual abuse and the LGBTQ+ community. She has songs written on each of these! I give you a hint: listen to her albums Reputation and Lover. Let me know in the comments if you catch hold of the songs!

Witness Taylor’s journey since 2004 even if you aren’t fond of her. I have reasons. Each of our lives vary in many ways, but there are factors that appear similar. When we view someone else’s life, there is a high probability to learn from their mistakes and experiences. We may not know which one of their struggles might ease our own. And Taylor will communicate throughout the movie how significant it is to have a comeback, to run because we are young and have a whole life ahead to achieve what we have dreamt of. 

I might sound biased as I really admire Taylor’s ideas, but I can assure you that you will learn quite a lot about this Woman Of The Decade. 

Leave a comment if I successfully persuaded you to witness Taylor Swift. And do let me know if you’re a fan too!!

This space will meet you next week with yet another ‘feel-good’ content with personal and raw perspectives from the Netflix platform. 

Week 5: Series 1 – The Bold Type

If you are looking for a thrust to push you above the surface of a glum frame of mind, prepare yourself for a great pack of (almost) non-stop episodes of ‘The Bold Type’. With four seasons up and running on Netflix, The Bold Type will cruise you for some days (or weeks, as the way you leverage your time to it). 

With three major characters, you will unfold their ways to build their career, being women! Let’s not talk about feminism here today. I would rather throw light on the context of how any one would thrive for some good progressive career growth. Though the main idea revolves around feminism, but I would like to make this piece more in a way that would make you see this series as a great way to get energized. 

The Bold Type will drift across three lives in parallel, three best friends, and how they unfold amazing stories at each episode, to becoming a good writer, a budding stylist, and a voice that speaks through social media! Stories coming from perspectives at a popular media house, you would unravel its work culture and ethics. It’s enthralling to view a work place bustling with creativity from every corner! If you are wondering how it would possibly look like at a publishing/media house, this series will indeed present you some great pros! 

From occupation to love, the series will set a great example of friendship; how friends stick through thick and thin, with disturbances in between, of course, yet having a back for one another. 

Aspiring for a writer at Vogue? You will get a taste of viewing the life of a writer/journalist! Wondering what’s the role of a stylist? Surprisingly they do an incredible job, and you would unfurl that angle too. How about learning social media tactics of big firms? Don’t worry, The Bold Type has it covered it all! Don’t forget to keep an eye on some superbly amazing fashion tips! I mean this show ought to look high on fashion. It depicts how glamorous a popular fashion magazine workplace would ideally look like!

With four seasons, out of five, streaming on Netflix you will have an exciting journey as this show steps from one season to the other. 

While some of us are eagerly waiting for season five to hit Netflix, make sure you have tasted the boldIness of The Bold Type!

Drop in your excitement in the comments, and your experience whilst you watched the show.

This space will meet you next week with a new movie/series, crisp content and raw perspectives from the Netflix platform.

Week 4: Movie 4 – The Terminal

This 2004 movie will insist you to rethink perspectives upon which movies are curated (I would stress on the word ‘curated’). Coming up with a story so out of the ordinary, Steven Spielberg has justified his reasons to shoot the entire movie within an airport. 

When the story began, I was unsure of the direction at which this movie was moving towards. But when this motion picture runs close to its finish line, I realized the necessity of viewing such a perspective. The direction is nothing less than brilliant! You will not find even the slightest glitch in its direction. 

Tom Hanks will amaze you with his character. His versatility and transitions from his previously played characters to being a native of a fictional nation is commendable! You will never realize his American-ness, he is pure Eastern European with little to no understanding of the English language. 

You will see Tom’s character, Viktor Navorski, struggling with the dialect, the language, ransacking between difficulties of not being able to understand nor being understood. Hailing from a nation known to mostly none, and landing on the lands of one of the most developed nations in the world, the United States of America, Viktor is muddled. 

He is alone, lonely, unknown of the reasons why he is unacceptable and made to stay at the airport terminal for nearly nine months (that is some really long time). His remorseful, innocent eyes express his inert feelings he is unable to express through comprehensiveness. Navorski’s character made me realize that however grown or mature we might get, during times of helplessness we become timid. We are thrown to an ocean of clueless destinations, oblivious of what to do next, where to move ahead, who to look up to, what and whom to look forward to.

Despite endless troubles, you will never find complaints in Navorski’s behavior. He accepts his hardships with that one promise that pulled him to the United States. His pure heart and transparency wins people. You will be amazed with the kind of support and love he receives from strangers towards the end of the movie. Though minimal dialogues, his virtue and warmth gets a good visibility in the movie.

You see this idea of filming an entire movie from an airport’s vision is in itself distinct. You will not see even the slightest glimpse of the New York city that lies ahead of the airport, yet it keeps you intact to the screen. It will make you not miss even a single second and you would find yourself glued for 2 hours just viewing The Terminal. 

Unfold the story of Navorski and give this movie a watch, you won’t regret it.

Leave a comment if Navorski made you watch his story, and let me know in the comments if you have already lived Navorski’s life at The Terminal.

This space will meet you next week with a fresh angle, new script and a new Netflix ‘Feel-Good’ content. 

Week 3: Movie 3 – The Intern

It is wholesome! That’s the shortest, straight, precise statement I can compose right after closing Netflix and sitting down to write. What would strike your mind when you hear ‘Intern’? Young, youthful, adolescent, that is what we have consumed of the word. But let this movie surprise you. 

So this movie begins with a crisp monologue by Ben, played by Robert De Niro. He is seventy years old, retired (of course) and has a routine but is still void somewhere. Fortune played its cards, and there he was holding a pamphlet which said ‘Senior Internship’. Now you get the idea of the surprise the movie is holding. 

With a completely distinct idea, the movie portrays the exact excitement and newness for an intern, irrespective of any age. The background music will fill your heart with utmost pleasure as you see Ben kick-starting his career once again. You will find Ben delighted to finally have found a place to go each day and work. But what’s the firm? It is a start-up founded and owned by an enthusiastic woman entrepreneur, quite young and married with a tiny doll-like daughter, Jules, played by Anne Hathaway.

Though retired, you will never see Ben holding any insecurities to have found himself at a place run by youth. He is confident for him being stood out, distinct and proud of his ‘vintage’ habits, crisp formal clothes and of course his handkerchiefs (you’ll understand the ‘handkerchief thing’ once you watch the movie).

Initially skeptical with Ben working under her, Jules gradually understands how it is like to have a guardian and a friend. Ben’s character has had a successful career, always a company man and an utmost gentleman. You will not find Ben communicating much via his dialogues yet he is ‘observant’, wise and calm. His extremely accurate expressions and small talks will make you realize the emptiness Jules and her firm had, despite never perceiving the void.

Ben’s character is portrayed almost perfectly, or if I suppose, a firm running anew might have required an experience holder, not only in terms of professional advice but also as a friend to look upon.

I would prefer not to unfold too much about Ben, I let you give the movie a watch. Ben will indeed make you ‘feel-good’. 

Drop a comment if you are planning to view an intern’s life with a fresh outlook. Also, let me know if you have already watched it. I would look forward to knowing your views on this amazing, near perfect ‘Intern’.

This space will meet you next week, with a new perspective, a new angle and of course a new ‘Feel-Good’ movie from the Netflix platform. 

Week 2: Movie 2 – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

If I were to quote the exact words that struck my mind right after completing this movie, it would be, “I had not felt more humane before”. The series of events in the movie made me believe the existence and the significance my life holds, right at this moment. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower lets you view even the simplest details of each minute of life from a writer’s perspective, and relating it to an utmost proportion via a motion picture, assures the impact we artists hold. Trust me, the warmth was fulfilling. 

The motion picture is based on the book carrying the same name. The novel has received critical appreciation worldwide and the movie has justified the book to a great extent. 

The movie begins with its protagonist, Charlie, writing a letter to an anonymous friend and would ideally not give you comprehensive answers to the significance of the title. But as the movie progresses with Charlie, you slowly begin to unfold reasons behind him being called a wallflower.

Throughout the movie, the sequence of events manifest and broaden aspects of viewing life with varied perspectives. As Charlie begins to find ways to become a confident part of High School, you see him grow as a human, writer and a character strong enough to overcome his past traumas. Charlie’s distinctive and ultimate perspective to viewing life acts as a narrative when the movie moves to its closure. The words resonate at a unique frequency and would echo in your head for at least a couple of days. 

Charlie’s narrative will make you realise what it is like to live in the moment and will give you reasons to justify how important it is to live in the “now”. We know that we have zero control of the past we have left behind and tomorrow is, of course, unknown. We might not have these moments to sit, breathe and to smell the air of today. Ultimately of all the things, it’s the present, the today that matters. And for tomorrow, we probably have tomorrow to look after.

This space will meet you next week, with a new perspective, a new movie/series from Netflix. Drop in your views on the movie if you have watched it already, and drop in a comment if you look forward to explore life through Charlie’s eyes.

Week 1: Movie 1 – Julie & Julia: The Inspirational Push

To begin with, this series of blog posts would be, to a certain extent, on a more informal tone. While we try to portray our best on digital platforms, I would like to show myself as a writer, the raw and unpolished thoughts I have while watching some ‘Feel-Good’ movies/series on Netflix every week.

So the ‘Julie & Julia’ movie’s synopsis on Netflix said that the protagonist, Julie, would take up a challenge of her uneventful, very uneventful life, by cooking 524 recipes from Julia Child’s classic recipe book. The synopsis seemed unclear to me probably this was the reason why I just clicked the play button to watch it. And an idea of productivity came in!

Image source: Netflix

As the movie cruises through all unexpected events at Julie’s monotonous life, Julia Child’s cook book manifested Julie a way to outshine her writing skills. As the movie advances, it unveiles the power of digital platforms, such as blogs, to deliver precisely anything and everything. Julie is seen to connect to Julia as they share common interests as they cook, and after a rough day, Julie finds joy in cooking.

If you’re looking for the right push to get yourself to a strict routine, this tale is meant for you! With each recipe, you find Julie not just learning, but falling in love with the writer of the cook book.

Julie and her husband sharing a moment at the kitchen in the movie.

The book sweeps through some amazing French cooking lessons, curated with immense love for Americans. Julia Child poured her heart and soul to cooking and eating. Oh what charm, and grace that character holds! You’ll find a perfect balance of innocence and determination in the woman’s character as she gives nothing but the best to build the book, filled with all her secrets from perfect sauces to outstanding delicious dinner meals.

Julia Child portrayed by Meryl Streep

While you might, at some moments of the movie, feel that Julie would give up on her routine, the next moment she’s ready to prove you wrong. While a writer at heart, Julie left her passion long back seeing little to no future with writing being a possible profession for her. But you see if fate has been on the even side, it indeed shows you ways to snatch ‘that’ one opportunity to shine. And Julia Child’s cook book was ‘the’ one for Julie.

The movie filled me with warmth and gave me an inspirational push to begin with something that might, at least, appear to me as a routine.

I later discovered that the movie was based on true incidents by Julia Child’s autobiographical book ‘My Life in France’ and Julie’s blog ‘Julie/Julia Project’.
If you have been looking for some mellowness and inspiration both, this will satisfy your desires, especially if you aspire to becoming a writer, trust me this movie would at least make you think upon the idea of beginning a routine to write.

I managed to land to the first published original blog post by Julie Powel back in 2002!

Please leave a comment on my blog post if you’re looking forward to explore the movie, and do let me know if there’s a moment in the movie you’ve connected to the most once you watch it.

This space would meet you next week with a new prospect and a different angle for another ‘Feel-Good’ Movie/Series from the Netflix platform.

Knowing The Bangtan Boys – BTS

Bangtan Boys, or BTS as the world recognizes this music phenomenon, has taken global music industry by storm! I digged out their success stories and this K-Pop multi-talented band of seven has broken records with each of its releases. Apart from their super hit albums, the fashion showcased by BTS has received mixed reactions from every part of the world.

With an existing audience already drooling over Korean Drama, BTS added much required essence of K-Pop and music. Their unique fashion and style appearances has held a special place in the hearts of their female fans.

While most of us have already done our homework and good research on BTS, nonetheless for the ones yet to introduce themselves to BTS, I can give a crisp introduction to this one-of-a-kind boy band.

Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS, is a seven-member South Korean boy band that formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013. Originally a hip hop group, their musical style has evolved over the years. The band now produces music across an array of genres. Their lyrics are often focused on personal, social issues and touch on the themes of mental health, troubles of youth, loss, the journey towards loving oneself, and individualism. Their work features references to psychological concepts and has created a separate fan base, popularly known as BTS Armies. This K-Band has been to several world tours and has a massive ocean of endless Armies cheering ahead of them.

As the band proudly calls out its Armies to be the most influential force for its success, the Armies lend their constant support, despite criticisms coming along. This loyal and reciprocative relationship has, in no doubt, surprised the world. I decided to take my inputs from the Army itself, their craziness and pure love to explore more angles around the BTS “fondness”.

While at a casual talk with Sanamsmita Sahu on how she got introduced to BTS, she enthusiastically answered, “I started to watch K-Drama and explored some K-Pop music alongside. One fine day I stopped to listen their debut song. With time, this saga went on, and now I am an active member of the BTS Army.” Assuming each member of the Army would have a special reason for their undefined love, Sanam added some of the many reasons behind her love towards the band, “I am in awe of their smoothly coordinated choreography. Their catchy lyrics hit deep corners of my heart. The way they work to keep a pace with the Western music producing complete English songs despite being Non-English artists shows their hardwork.”

BTS organises events across the globe to interact with their fans. Documentaries of their tours are filmed and showcased specially at INOX multiplexes.
Sanam, stressing on this effort, said, “All the Armies of Odisha can enjoy the movie with our own kind of people. I know we are crazy for worshiping just one Korean boy band, but I truly believe they deserve it. We have learnt a lot from them. They have created songs for each emotional stage.”
The admins of these Armies make sure to celebrate birthdays of each of its members by organizing small yet effective events like donation and plantation drives. “BTS has taught us our social responsibilities and our Army admins make sure we do our bit”, added Sanam.

“To embrace as an individual that I am, to hold patience. And most importantly, no matter what, we will shine one day. No matter how hard it gets, these life lessons from BTS and their songs keep me going”, said Aaliya Tarannum of 12th grade. Aaliya added that during their initial days, the artists were bullied for their appearances and personalities, yet they have over come and shown the world what they are capable of. “They launched a campaign with the United Nations, ‘Love Yourself’, which emphasizes the importance of loving oneself”, Aaliya said, grooving along to their album ‘Love Yourself’.

While I returned impressed with positive impacts of BTS Armies, it tickled me to find someone who is yet to introduce themselves to an existing universe of BTS. Amidst my work hours, I randomly asked my colleague if she knew about BTS and it turned out she was a stranger to the band. After a couple of hours Diksha Pandoi was back with her tiny little research. Diksha said, “Your question made me Google BTS. It’s astonishing to see their success increase so rapidly in just three years!”
“Their songs emphasize on social topics, and I look forward to listening to their productions”, she appended.

Even though there’s a very small population yet to discover BTS and its enthralling energy, it is clearly visible that the Armies are growing bigger each day, and each hour!

With BTS carrying almost all the “first and only” achievements, the seven-member boy band’s song ‘We are Bulletproof’ sweeps through the struggle from their initial days to the power they hold not just being seven but all the Armies they have grown across the world.

With the recent release ‘Butter’, BTS is prepared to break yet another record. The band says this song defines BTS, and holds the authenticity of the band. Don’t forget to browse into YouTube to get yourself grooving and adding yourself to the BTS Army!

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